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Refuse to Lose Testimonials

What Are Others Saying?

“If there were a category higher than excellent, that is what I would choose! She was the first speaker to receive a standing ovation at our conference. The audience fell in love with her.” – Rachel Murie,

Rachel Murie

Corporate Wellness Analyst, Huntsville Hospital Corporate Wellness

“Your speech was absolutely great and inspiring!”

“I can’t thank you enough for everything that you taught me tonight. I will remember the 5 steps for the rest of my life. It was an honor to have heard you speak tonight.”
Ms. Adell was the best speaker I’ve ever heard. She was honestly the best part of the night. She was amazing!”

Saint Peter's University

“Greatly appreciated! I can’t help but feel that God put you in front of me for a reason.”

Lenore Rhyne University

“Adell Harris’ message of Refuse to Lose is real, relatable, and inspiring. Her personal story is authentic and vulnerable. Adell doesn’t just talk to your group, she engages with everyone. She has the ability to break through social, racial and cultural barriers in less than an hour. Most importantly, you will leave with a step-by-step game plan on how to turn adversity into your advantage. We are grateful for the gift of Adell Harris.”

Jen Hoover

Former Head Coach, Wake Forest University

“Our team spending half the day with Adell was one of the best decisions and experiences I have had in my role as Head Coach. She was able to demand the attention of the room and easily get us all in a place of understanding each other a little more as we start our journey and quest for this season’s goals. I’ve never felt better about a decision I’ve made as the leader of this program.”

Tarrell Robinson

Heasd Coach, Women's Basketball, NC A&T State University

“As Chief of Staff for Men’s Basketball at Vanderbilt University, Adell Harris was instrumental for ensuring all operations ran smoothly and efficiently.  More importantly, her care and responsiveness to the athletes and their family members was outstanding.  She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a consistent flow of detailed information for family members and took impeccable care of the athletes not only during basketball season but throughout the academic year.  We will miss working with her. Thank you Adell for your leadership and love!”  

Ms. Sonia Manjon

Mother of former student-athlete, Vanderbilt University