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Resilient. Courageous. Tough. Committed. Caring. These were all words that popped into my mind when I thought of Adell Harris…until the day she walked into a meeting and said she was stepping away from her position as the head coach of our WBB program. On that day, I added the words “inspiring” and “empowering” to the list. Here’s why. It was on that day that she mustered up the courage, dignity, and fortitude to step away from something she LOVED very dearly and gave every ounce of her being to, to fight for something much more important…HERSELF! In that decision, she both inspired me and reminded me that in life, we often have to make difficult decisions, but we MUST be willing to make them (especially for ourselves) and we can’t feel guilty about it. I have no doubt that her decisions, her wisdom, her passion for helping others, and her gifts and abilities will make room for her! She has an amazing story to tell and through this new journey and adventure, I know that she will positively impact, inspire, and empower many people.
Adrianne Swinney

Deputy Athletic Director, UNC Wilmington

Adell Harris has not only come to D. C. Virgo to volunteer with helping us reach the outlined visions of the school, but she has also captured the hearts and minds of our students. Adell’s committment to education and students has been witnessed through the opportunities we’ve had to have her speak during a Mother-Daughter Tea, during our 8th grade Promotion Ceremony, and mentoring students who have CHOSEN HER. Adell has partnered with us to discuss the possibilities of continuing to reach youth through her message of “Refuse to Lose” despite challenges they may individually face. I look forward to continuing to work with Adell as we strive to build our youth to become an integral part of their school and community.
Sabrina Hill-Black

Principal, D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy

Our team spending half the day with Adell was one of the best decisions and experiences I have had in my role as head coach. She was able to demand the attention of the room and easily get us all in a place of understanding each other a little more as we start our journey and quest for this seasons goals. My mission was to give my players a life changing experience and survival tools they could take with them when they leave this university.  The RTL movement did that and even more. I’ve never felt better about a decision I’ve made as the leader of this program.
Tarrell Robinson

Head Coach, Women's Basketball, North Carolina A&T State University

is proud to be an official part of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team

Adell Harris - Certified Speaker, Mentor, Personal Development Coach